Legal and Financial Structure
  • Defining the legal and financial plan that is most adequate for the development, defining the appropriate legal and financial plan to carry out the PROMOTION.
  • Preparing the presentation and management of loans for the Financial Entities: market research, commercial feasibility, resulting cash flows, marketing strategy, etc.
  • Creating the different economic scenarios resulting from each one of the financial proposals.

Technical Projects
  • Detail study, partial plan, urbanization project.
  • Architectural project.
  • Installations project (industry).
  • Telecommunications project.

Budget and Project Execution
  • Calculation and reference budget.
  • Determining the way for contracting: turn-key, measured contract, administration, etc.
  • Requesting bids from contractors and comparing them.
  • Adjustment of the bid to the forecasted qualities and materials.
  • Awarding of contract(s).
  • Management control and follow-up of work execution.
  • Purchase of materials and services contracting.
  • Work certification and payment to vendors.

Licenses and Permits
  • Official site plans.
  • Request for electric, water, telephone, gas and sewer connections.
  • Earth moving / Ground leveling / Earthwork permit.
  • Building permit.
  • Business license.
  • Declaration of new works under construction and property in condominium.
  • Easement of Way / Servitude of vehicular right of access.
  • Certificate of occupancy.

Services Contracting
  • Establishing / Setting up utilities, including electricity, gas, water, and telephone services.
  • Contracting of ten-year insurance and the necessary technical control.
  • Contracting of maintenance to elevators.
  • Contracting of maintenance to garage installations: ventilation, fire extinguishers, Carbon Monoxide detectors, etc.
  • Request to have Zoning verification request of property address/location.
  • Registration of mail boxes in the post office.
  • Registration in the City Hall for the allocation of trash cans and their collection.

Delivery and Operational Implementation
  • Registration in the County Property Records of the new plots of land.
  • Delivery of dwellings jointly with the user manual.
  • Receiving of orders for reviewing, coordinating and following-up on jobs.
  • Property Tax and Added Value management.
  • Creation of the Owners Association.
  • Opening of the bank account for the operation of the Association.
  • Contracting of common services.
  • Contracting the necessary insurance (comprehensive property and liability protection, etc.).
  • Appointment of a Homeowners Association / Community Association Manager.
  • Proposal of the budget for the operation of the Association.
  • Call and attendance to the first Property Owners Association Board of Directors’ meeting.